The Original Whizzinator makes everything you do with synthetic urine look more realistic - whether protecting your privacy or used in the privacy of your own home.

clean,discreet and effective - looks and feels like the real thing when it comes to delivering a clean, golden shower.

This prosthetic is made with FDA approval Hypo-Allergenic Silicone. Great for fun, fetish and privacy. You won't be sorry when you try this one. Its the easy way to get dirty. This ultra hygenic and sterile Ultimate Wet Sex Simulator is designed with sensual pleasures in mind..

Demo 1 Demo 2

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What People Are Saying?

  • No one could tell the difference and it did the job, a delicious private golden stream.M. McClane
  • My boyfriend and I have a smokin' hot time. Truly realistic.T. Everet
  • Creates a realistic urine strea. You can't tell it from the real thing. No one can!.J. Willow

Whizzinator Features

  • One Whizzinator
  • One Refill Syringe
  • Synthetic Urine
  • Four Heat Packs
  • Detailed Instructions
  • 1000s of Satisfied Ueers
  • Plain Package Shipping
  • Hours of Fun
  • Privacy